Frequently asked questions

What is Companygiving?

Companygiving contains information on the community involvement of UK companies. Information is provided on charitable donations, employee involvement and sponsorship opportunities. This can be useful for fundraisers interesting in raising money from companies and also to anybody interested in seeing what companies give back to society.

Is it relevant for non-registered charities?

Companies are able to make donations to any organisation they wish. Whilst charitable trusts often exclude non-registered charities, such as schools, hospitals and not-for-profit organisations, companies usually do not have such exclusions. Companies typically wish to provide benefit to the areas in which their employees and customers live and will support any organisation which provides a social benefit.

Is it relevant outside the UK?

This website only deals with giving in the UK. Many overseas companies operate in the UK but only provide financial support in their country of origin. Including details of these companies would greatly increase our research costs, which would increase the price of the website. This increase in cost would deliver no added benefit to UK charities and therefore details have not been included on this site.

Is it relevant for individuals?

This website is concerned solely with sources of funding for organisations. It is uncommon for companies to provide welfare grants to individuals, aside from current or previous members of staff. Some companies do provide sponsorship and awards to young people, typically for sports or the arts, which are given on the basis of merit rather than need. For those trusts eligible for inclusion on this site, we have included information on their support given to individuals where appropriate. For those companies which do not mention funding for individuals then this is because they do not fund individuals. This website should not be used for identifying sources of funding (see for further information).

What are the criteria for inclusion on the site?

This site includes all companies which give at least £20,000 a year in cash donations or £100,000 in community contributions. Community contributions includes gifts in kind (including used office equipment) and volunteering hours, but excludes cause related marketing.

Are charities with company registration included?

Charities which have a trading arm by law must register as a company. This includes any organisation which operates a charity shop. This can include popular high street retailers such as Oxfam. Such charities have not been included on this website as although they legally are classed as companies, they are more readily thought as of charities. Inclusion of them on this website would create an incorrect picture of corporate fundraising. They have instead been included on

How many companies are on the website?

There are just over 500 companies on the website. We are continually searching for new companies which meet the criteria so this figure will hopefully rise.

How much do companies give in total?

The companies on this website give £580 million in community support each year. This is divided as half in cash donations and half in other forms of support. Due to the way companies report (or otherwise) their donations, it is likely that the true figures are more than this.

Does DSC sell books on company funding?

DSC has produced The Guide to UK Company Giving for a number of years. Currently in its fifth edition, the guide contains the same type of information and companies as this website. The guide is also available as a CD-Rom. DSC also publishes books about how to perform corporate fundraising. These can be viewed at

I can’t log in – what do I do?

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I am already subscribed but whenever I look for funding it takes me to re-subscribe page

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I am not getting any updates...

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When searching for trusts/companies, make sure you select ‘Save Search’. You will then be emailed about any changes or updates on these trusts/companies.

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I want to subscribe to a sister site

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