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Search for funding

You can search the companies on this site in two ways:

Which search to use is dependent on the reasons you are using the site. If you want to find out about giving by a particular company, those operating in your locality, type of business or companies connected by directors, then it is the company details you are interested in.

If you wish to search by companies which fund work in a specific area or type of cause, of which give a certain amount of support each year, then it is the funding details you are interested in.

The fields can be searched through either keyword or category searches. Keyword searches work in the same manner as normal internet search engines, but within one specific field. Category searches involve selecting the relevant category from a list of those it is possible to search under.

The retrieved results will show the basic details of the company to allow you to decide whether you wish to read the full entry. For searches by categories, a results matrix shows why each company was selected.

Search by company details

The easiest way to perform this search is by selecting the name of the company. If this fails to retrieve any results, it is worth searching by company subsidiary as sometimes well-known businesses are part of a larger group. For instance, B&Q has its own, well-formated donations policy but does not have its own entry on this site as it is part of the Kingfisher plc business. Therefore a search by name of company would not retrieve it, but a search by subsidiary would.

Companies can also be searched by their contact addresses, be it head office, postcode or website. This can be useful if you know the address of a business but are unsure of what it is called. Search by company registration number operates in the same way. There is also the option to search by Charity Commission number for those companies which channel their support through a registered charity.

Searching by headquarters or other UK locations is a good way of finding which businesses operate in a specific locality.

Searching by type of company will identify what support is available from different sectors. This can be good if there is a connection between a company and the support required, such as a charity fashion show wishing to identify clothing retailers and manufactories. It also allows you to see what issues the sectors are interested in supporting.

Finally, it is possible to search by directorsÆ names. This can be helpful if you wish to know which companies a certain individual is connected to.

Search by funding details

The search by funding details is the best method of identifying potential funders. This allows you to find companies willing to support your work.

Search by location of project allows you to retrieve all those companies which support work in your geographical location. Search by purpose of project allows you to retrieve all those companies which support work in your field of support. By combining the two searches, it is possible to find all companies on the site which could potentially support your project.

It is also possible to search by total given annually. This allows you to see which companies give the most support each year. It should be remembered, however, that the amount given does not necessarily related to generosity; one company gives £100,000 from profits of £10 million, whilst another gives £50,000 from profits of £500,000.

Keyword searches

You can search some fields by entering a word, words or phrase into the Keyword search box. Results will only be displayed if they contain all of the words selected.

Category searches

For some of the fields, you can only search by the categories on the site. You can do this by clicking on the Select box, which will open a pop-menu. The top box contains a list of the top level categories that can be searched for. You can either select to add that category to the search, or look for subcategories with that term.

To select the category, highlight the category by clicking on it and then click the Add button which will add the term to the bottom box (which is used to conduct the search). Holding down the control button allows multiple categories to be selected at once. If a category is mistakenly added, highlight it in the bottom box and click the delete button.

To search for subcategories, highlight the category by clicking on it and then click the Down a level box. This will take you to a list of subcategories within that term. The same process then applies, with the option to select the terms or click for subcategories. If the subcategories are all relevant, it is best to click Up a level and select the term which was subcategorised rather than selecting each of the subcategories individually. There is also the option to Go to top to return to the highest level of categories at any time.

Retrieved trusts

If you performed a free text search, the results will be displayed with the name of the company, charitable purposes supported, geographical area of support and total given each year. Results can be sorted by any of this data by clicking the arrow buttons in the headings. Clicking on the company name will open a pop-up window containing the full entry for the company.

Results matrix

If you searched using the categories, a results matrix will be displayed. The horizontal axis contains the geographical interests on the company. The first column is those companies which will fund UK-wide. The second column is those companies which fund the selected location but are not UK-wide.

The vertical axis contains the companies which support specific types of work. By clicking on the plus sign to the left of the term you can view the subcategories of each term. General charitable purposes is automatically added at the bottom of every search to allow you to identify those companies which will fund any work, not just those which you have selected.

These results will display every trust which can meet your criteria. The numbers within the table state how many companies support each type of work in each area. Please note that some companies will appear under more than one heading. Clicking on the number will display the basic details of all those companies, in the manner described in retrieved trusts above.

Type of company 

Location of your project

This box allows you to select a specific location of your project.

Please note that you must search on where your project will be based, which is not the same as where your organisation is based.

Choose one of the buttons at the top of this page.

  • You can do a Keyword Search of the area
  • You can search by postcode
  • or Browse the locations

Purpose of your project

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