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More sources, more commentary, more analysis than anywhere else.

Companygiving.org.uk saves you valuable research time in targeting your fundraising efforts effectively. It can improve your fundraising success by instantly pinpointing the companies sympathetic to your cause and providing all the information you need to make strong approaches for corporate partnership.

Simply enter criteria specific to your circumstance such as type of cause and location and you’ll find the companies to approach, the best way to approach them, and a host of other valuable information.

“Companygiving.org.uk is an excellent tool for researching potential corporate partnerships, especially when narrowing down searches by causes supported and location. I also like the fact the data can be saved. It saves a great deal of time and is an excellent starting point to gain an overview of CSR initiatives. As a direct result of using companygiving.org.uk for my telephone campaigns, I have secured a number of meetings and funding opportunities which are now being pursued.”

Louise Sprackling, YWCA

Features of companygiving.org.uk include:

  • Information on 544 companies giving over 420 million in cash and in-kind contributions in the UK and over £750 million worldwide
  • Search by causes supported and location
  • Includes full details on the various giving methods
  • Cash donations, in-kind support, employee-lead support, sponsorship and commercially-led support
  • Description on what the company is prepared to fund
  • Organisations the company has supported in the past
  • Contact details, exclusions and the application processes
  • Financial details of the company and number of employees
  • Regular email updates

NEW one week subscription only £99 + VAT

We understand that many of you are not dedicated fundraisers, that you juggle many roles within your organisations, and that fundraising is just one of them. You tell us you often approach trust funding in intensive bursts, therefore an annual subscription to companygiving.org.uk would seem unnecessary, almost wasteful. A shorter subscription length would make more sense, and mean less of an outlay.

This is why we are now offering one week’s full access to companygiving.org.uk for the reduced price of £99 + VAT. To access this option go to Subscribe and enter Promotional Code ‘WEEK’.

Of course if you are a dedicated fundraiser, and require more than one week’s access, then the annual subscription would be your best option. To access this option go to Subscribe.

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